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Festival Fashion

What better way is there to close out the summer than a music festival? Besides Coachella and South by Southwest, Lollapalooza is one of the biggest summer festivals and, most of all, it’s one I try to make every year. (Besides, it’s a great excuse to visit Chicago).  


This year’s line-up at Lollapalooza range from old-school (“old-school”) artists like Outkast to top new artists like Lorde, as well as a variety of electronic and hip hop artists.

So, I’ve established that it’s worth attending. Chicago is an amazing city and, with over 100 artists performing, you’re likely to have an amazing experience.

Still, whilst music festivals are enjoyable entertainment, they can be a tricky outing for which to dress. You find yourself asking: Will it rain? Will I be comfortable all day? Is the garment itself going to be durable and versatile for dancing, sitting, drinking, and various states of weather? Will it be tarnished by grass stains, or spilled drinks?

Personally, I find “festival fashion” much harder (and expensive) for us ladies to undertake. For men, on the other hand, there are some obvious options.

In the spirit of Need, I thought I’d take the opportunity to ensure you look your best in Grant Park this weekend.


One point I have repeatedly learnt whilst working in men’s fashion is, in order to make a striking impression (particularly securing the eyes of a female in a crowded place), a man must be bold.

Take this Navy Floral shirt be General Assembly, for example. It’s a confident, trendy, and fashionable shirt that’ll instantly set you apart from the crowd. And, importantly, the short-sleeves and weightless fabric make it painless in a sunlit crowded area.


Complementing the Navy Floral Shirt, our Sun-Washed Chino Shorts (another prominent product by General Assembly) make for a brilliant pair.


If you are in favor of the Sun-Washed Chino Shorts, but are still a bit dubious on the Navy Floral Top, take in consideration the Two-Tone Poplin Shirt by Jiberish. (Only trouble is that I can’t promise we have your size. The Two-Tone was a Need Member favorite featured in Volume 7: Work/Play.)


Next, this getup is for all you gentlemen who are simple when it comes to clothes.


Here, is a classic denim paired with a white shirt. It’s classic, straightforward, and yet still has a touch of personality via the dime pocket and the handmade selvedge denim.

I can’t imagine Chicago’s weather being nearly as hot as Texas during this time of the year; this makes for an ideal opportunity to wear a true pair of denim jeans. Not excessively skinny, whilst not being too loose, the Truman Regular by Noble Denim, are designed for the perfect look and fit. (And they’re handmade in the USA, which makes for extra patriotism points.)


Keeping it effortless, the Atmos Baselayer T-shirt in white by Ministry of Supply is an ideal companion.

Importantly, there is more to it than meets the eye. The Atmost Baselayer T-shirt is equipped with ventilation and and moisture-wicking technology, allowing you to subtly breath and avoid those off-putting sweat stains./p>


Adding, the Dime Pocket Oxford by General Assembly, is slim cut, and the perfect length for being worn untucked. It’s a quick supplement for any last minute spontaneous adventures outside of the music festival (in all seriousness, you’re in Chi-town). 


Going back to being daring, the Stars and Stripes socks by Hook + Albert, are a tiny step forward. Not only that, they bring a small bit of character to this simple outfit whether you choose the navy or white pair.

(And, hey, extra patriotism points when paired with the Truman jeans.)


To make packing easier (and lighter), I recommend taking it easy on the shoes (something not easy for me — or any woman — but something I can recommend for you gents).

All you need is a shoe that is comfortable, and uncomplicated when pairing with the rest of your clothing. Example, the Baleine Shoe by Bucketfeet — it’s a simple grey canvas shoe, with a fantastic touch of colorful personality on the tongue.


On a final note, whether you are aiming to be daring or simple, these “festival fashion” ensembles are Lollapalooza-approved. (And, generally, life-approved.)

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The Early Days

Our founder, Matt, was interviewed by one of our earliest supporters, Venista Ventures, about the genesis and future of Need.
"On the first line of the first page, I titled the concept, "Need".”

Read the entire thing at Venista Voices.
2:07 PM

Playing Cards by Misc. Goods Co.


When visiting a man’s home, I tend to (subconsciously) look for several items. Beyond the obvious (i.e., cleanliness, non-college-era furniture, etc.), I frequently find myself looking for touches of personality.

Subtle, personal touches have the transformative ability to make any man a gentleman. And not just a “gentleman” in the traditional/trite/overblown sense, but in a genuinely interesting, modern, and classic manner.

For instance, if a man has decent whisky (or scotch) nearby — rather than 30-packs of Busch Light — we’re on the right track. And if he’s able to serve the whiskey in a presentable manner from well-considered glassware (i.e., not leftover plastic fraternity mugs from half a decade ago), things are definitely looking up. And, continuing down this track, if he’s able to entertain in a manner that’s not reliant upon a television — in a non-traditional, compelling, and unique fashion — we’ve definitely come across a discerning gentleman.

For the latter, playing cards are tragically overlooked by a great many gents. Nearly everyone owns a set, but few have leant the same degree of care to the purchase as they would to other items on display in their living room. Given their omnipresence in the homes of the world’s men — from presidents to actors to businessmen — you’d think someone somewhere would’ve given some greater thought and consideration for these unsung heroes of sociability.

This was the notion that led me to discover Miscellaneous Goods Company, purveyors of some amazingly unique and non-traditional products.


They’ve developed a line of hand-designed, stunningly-packaged, gold-foil-lettered, and generally well-considered playing cards. Printed on top notch card stock and riddled with attractive tones and touches, these are some of the finest we’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across.

And we’re selling them as part of Need, Vol. 8!

Calling a deck of cards “essential” is certainly quite a statement, but we believe it to be true in this instance. And not because we feel you ought to be playing poker all hours of the day (please don’t), but rather because a great deck of cards lends an air of prestige to a man’s home. 

They play a versatile role in both your home and in entertainment. Being a gentleman means being prepared at all times. So, be that person who actually has a full deck when people ask for one.


Still, in case, I haven’t explained well-enough already, here are five reasons as to why you need Miscellaneous Goods Company’s deck of cards in your possession. (I’d go beyond five, but I fear I’ve already been effusive enough in my love of these cards.)

  1. First and foremost, the most obvious reason for owning these cards is, of course, to use them for card games. Not college drinking games, but more sophisticated and traditional games.
  2. You have a coffee table, right? Right. And atop that coffee table you ought to have some sort of catch-all tray. Typically adorned with remotes and the like, have yours stand out with the beautifully-designed packaging and coloring of the Misc. Goods Co. cards. Paired with a classic novel, they can make for a simple and sophisticated addition to an otherwise overlooked area.
  3. Your cards laid out, as mentioned above, are great decor, but they’re an equally effective conversation piece. People will ask you where you found such a stately deck. You can be proud. It’s a natural response for being pinpointed as owning something stately.
  4. Cards are a great gift. Whether they’re for a bachelor weekend or a housewarming gift paired with a great bottle of wine or whiskey, these’d instantly set your gift aside from the others. They’re memorable, refined, and interesting. (Have I mentioned that enough yet? They’re interesting. Okay.)
  5. On a road trip or vacation with friends? Leave your phone in your pocket and pass the time together. Indian Poker and Go Fish are a few classics that anybody in the car can play without much of a learning curve. Or, make one up as you go. All in all, it’s refreshing to get away from your phone now and then. It’ll encourage you to actually speak to each other and remember why you became friends in the first place. In other words, these cards will rescue all of your relationships. It’s science.

You see, a deck of cards does far more for you than just an occasional poker night with the guys.

Truly, a great deck of cards says a lot about the man who owns them.

Available now as part of Need, Vol. 8.

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Somehow, here at Need headquarters in Dallas, we are managing to find time between our busy schedules to decorate the new office.

Our weekend started on a high note with the arrival of our reclaimed wood desks - just one of the many final touches to go.

In order to connect with our fans in creative ways, it is very important that we stay inspired, including our work spaces. In that case, we obviously turned to Pinterest for a little desk inspiration.

See what other inspiring work spaces we found on Pinterest
3:18 PM

Moscow Mule Recipe


There are few things better than gathering with good friends around a large table stuffed with too much food. 

Well, great alcohol — always key to increasing said laughter — is just as essential, too.
Simply put, whether you’re a guest or a host, drinks are important. I’m sure you’ll agree.
Year round, our favorite holidays are always centered around the table. And, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, or Easter, booze always makes a timely appearance (while some of us wake up wishing it hadn’t). And although there are no holidays in sight, that shan’t keep us from making the most of this time of year.
All we need is a great drink with great friends to accompany our summer evenings to keep us cool, refreshed, and laughing. No matter if you’re grilling or taking late night swims, a well-made drink nearby can make all the difference.
So, at Need, we felt it was our civil duty to provide the perfect mug to set you on the right track. (Thank us later.) 
Our custom copper Moscow Mug is the perfect accessory for the summertime pool, picnic, park, or otherwise. 
Well-suited to a great many drinks, the Mug is fairly versatile. But, a refreshing Moscow Mule, we must admit, is your best option. You cannot beat a tasty (manly) cocktail for the summer prepared with vodka and beer.
The recipe is oddly simple, rendering it a fantastic option to impress your guests.
Moscow Mule:
  • 1 oz. of lime juice
  • 2 (or more) oz. of vodka
  • 4-6 oz. of ginger beer
  • Ice 
Add a wedge of lime and a sprig of mint for garnish.
That’s it. 
You’ve concocted a simply unbeatable summer cocktail. And, if you’ve got ahold of one of our mugs, you’ll surely be sipping in style.
Happy drinking, gents.
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Announced Need, Vol. 8: Assembly.

Featuring the likes of Daniel WellingtonEastern CollectiveShwood Eyewear,hook+ALBERTMinistry of Supply, and more!

Thanks to Trey Hill, Vince Kelly, WELD, and Sara and Rocky Garza for their support.

4:08 PM


Since January 2013, Need has been honored to call WELD — a remarkable creative community in Dallas’ Design District — its home.

We began our time at the communal desks — a company of one — and, soon, we’ll end it in a small office on the opposite side of the building — a company of four (soon to be six).

Several months ago, we realized we were going to run short of space at WELD, burdening the community with our loud conversations across otherwise quiet rooms, increasing volumes of packaging, photo-shoots, and so forth.

So, we began searching for a space in which we could grow.

And, fittingly, we’ve found an amazing new space across the street from WELD — still in the heart of Dallas’ Design District — to call our own.

We’ll be filling it out with furniture over the coming weeks, but, for now, here’s a glimpse of what’s to come.

Main Space


Communal Area

Keen to visit? We’ll be hosting events soon. (Ensure you’re registered with Need with subscription to our once-per-month email switched on.)

It’s also a fitting moment to mention that — ahead of some exciting changes for the future — Need is now available at

We’re making some big plans for the remainder of 2014 and, as we’re now over halfway through, we felt it was time to begin those motions.

You’ll find Need as @neededition on all social networks, too. (Specifically, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And, on Tumblr, we’re of course available as

So, to recap, you’ll find us in a new location both online and physically from this week onwards.

We look forward to sharing more soon!

9:19 PM

We hope you have enjoyed Vol. 7: Work/Play this month as much as we have. 

We now have extremely limited quantities remaining. Grab yours here before it’s gone.

Also, visit our Facebook page for a full recap of Vol. 7: Work/Play as we gear up for Vol. 8 this week. 

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Editor’s Note: “Even a brit can enjoy a relaxing day off with friends! Happy July 4th!” - M

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Live on set with Vol. 8.

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