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5:13 PM
Somehow, here at Need headquarters in Dallas, we are managing to find time between our busy schedules to decorate the new office.

Our weekend started on a high note with the arrival of our reclaimed wood desks - just one of the many final touches to go.

In order to connect with our fans in creative ways, it is very important that we stay inspired, including our work spaces. In that case, we obviously turned to Pinterest for a little desk inspiration.

See what other inspiring work spaces we found on Pinterest
3:18 PM

Moscow Mule Recipe


There are few things better than gathering with good friends around a large table stuffed with too much food. 

Well, great alcohol — always key to increasing said laughter — is just as essential, too.
Simply put, whether you’re a guest or a host, drinks are important. I’m sure you’ll agree.
Year round, our favorite holidays are always centered around the table. And, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, or Easter, booze always makes a timely appearance (while some of us wake up wishing it hadn’t). And although there are no holidays in sight, that shan’t keep us from making the most of this time of year.
All we need is a great drink with great friends to accompany our summer evenings to keep us cool, refreshed, and laughing. No matter if you’re grilling or taking late night swims, a well-made drink nearby can make all the difference.
So, at Need, we felt it was our civil duty to provide the perfect mug to set you on the right track. (Thank us later.) 
Our custom copper Moscow Mug is the perfect accessory for the summertime pool, picnic, park, or otherwise. 
Well-suited to a great many drinks, the Mug is fairly versatile. But, a refreshing Moscow Mule, we must admit, is your best option. You cannot beat a tasty (manly) cocktail for the summer prepared with vodka and beer.
The recipe is oddly simple, rendering it a fantastic option to impress your guests.
Moscow Mule:
  • 1 oz. of lime juice
  • 2 (or more) oz. of vodka
  • 4-6 oz. of ginger beer
  • Ice 
Add a wedge of lime and a sprig of mint for garnish.
That’s it. 
You’ve concocted a simply unbeatable summer cocktail. And, if you’ve got ahold of one of our mugs, you’ll surely be sipping in style.
Happy drinking, gents.
2:05 PM

Announced Need, Vol. 8: Assembly.

Featuring the likes of Daniel WellingtonEastern CollectiveShwood Eyewear,hook+ALBERTMinistry of Supply, and more!

Thanks to Trey Hill, Vince Kelly, WELD, and Sara and Rocky Garza for their support.

4:08 PM


Since January 2013, Need has been honored to call WELD — a remarkable creative community in Dallas’ Design District — its home.

We began our time at the communal desks — a company of one — and, soon, we’ll end it in a small office on the opposite side of the building — a company of four (soon to be six).

Several months ago, we realized we were going to run short of space at WELD, burdening the community with our loud conversations across otherwise quiet rooms, increasing volumes of packaging, photo-shoots, and so forth.

So, we began searching for a space in which we could grow.

And, fittingly, we’ve found an amazing new space across the street from WELD — still in the heart of Dallas’ Design District — to call our own.

We’ll be filling it out with furniture over the coming weeks, but, for now, here’s a glimpse of what’s to come.

Main Space


Communal Area

Keen to visit? We’ll be hosting events soon. (Ensure you’re registered with Need with subscription to our once-per-month email switched on.)

It’s also a fitting moment to mention that — ahead of some exciting changes for the future — Need is now available at

We’re making some big plans for the remainder of 2014 and, as we’re now over halfway through, we felt it was time to begin those motions.

You’ll find Need as @neededition on all social networks, too. (Specifically, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And, on Tumblr, we’re of course available as

So, to recap, you’ll find us in a new location both online and physically from this week onwards.

We look forward to sharing more soon!

9:19 PM

We hope you have enjoyed Vol. 7: Work/Play this month as much as we have. 

We now have extremely limited quantities remaining. Grab yours here before it’s gone.

Also, visit our Facebook page for a full recap of Vol. 7: Work/Play as we gear up for Vol. 8 this week. 

9:39 PM

Editor’s Note: “Even a brit can enjoy a relaxing day off with friends! Happy July 4th!” - M

9:37 PM

Live on set with Vol. 8.

9:35 PM

What we packed for the holiday weekend.

Available here

7:02 PM

Cereal Magazine No. 6 is the perfect resource to inspire your summer months.


11:43 AM

New office. New (and very exciting) things happening at Need this year. 

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